Chiropractic care at The Body Chiropractic can help you achieve a better life through greater health.

The Body Chiropractic provides an in-depth examination that ensures you a scientifically customized care plan that will address your issues, listen to your needs, and provide you with solutions.

Dr. Kristina Portillo and Dr. Brett Anderson are focused on helping the communities along the Wasatch Front reach their greatest potential in health and wellness through the most advanced chiropractic care possible. We apply constant education, advanced techniques, technological advancement, and studious research to ongoing chiropractic care for you and your family.

Neurologically-based chiropractic corrective care focuses on the proper function of the central nervous system in order to not only address the root cause of health concerns, but to allow you to live your best life possible. The role of the central nervous system, comprised of the brain and spinal cord, is to control and coordinate the function of every system in the body. Because messages to and from the brain travel through the spinal cord and spinal nerves, misalignments in the bones of the spine can interfere with this communication: resulting not only in pain and irritation, but also dysfunction of cells, organs, and tissues of the body.

This phenomenon is known in scientific literature as “subluxation,” and has been shown to decrease our body’s ability to adapt to the various physical, chemical, and emotional stresses in our lives. Through the use of gentle, specific chiropractic adjustments, we remove these subluxations, restoring proper communication between the body and the brain, allowing the body to heal and function at its absolute potential.

Part of our mission is to raise the next generation healthier, drug free, and free from chronic illness. We believe that health is our most important asset, and is best achieved naturally. Everyone wants to feel their best, have a body that is free of pain, and live a life full of joy. Chiropractic care can help you achieve the life you’ve always wanted. We believe that our bodies are designed extraordinarily – and that when functioning properly, not only should we live free from dysfunction and disease but we should be able to achieve extraordinary things. Our mission is to empower you and your family to correct your health problems at the root cause and unlock your unlimited healing power.

At The Body Chiropractic, we provide an in-depth examination that ensures you a scientifically customized care plan that will address your issues, listen to your needs, and provide you with solutions.

Chiropractic care through The Body Chiropractic can help you achieve a better life through greater health.