Laser therapy uses specific wavelengths of light to biostimulate and heal chemically damaged cells.  Chemically damaged cells cause the pain cycle in the body to be stimulated.  Laser therapy uses light particles, called photons, to stimulate the kinetic energy within the cells of the body.  Because laser therapy uses light energy instead of thermal energy, it does not cause heat damage to the tissues.

The Body Chiropractic offers laser therapy using the Erchonia XLR8 machine.  It is also referred to as a “cold laser” or “low level light therapy.”  It has a longer wavelength that has anabolic effects that effectively promote the reduction of pain, speeds healing times, and accelerates growth and repair of cells and tissues.  Clinical applications of laser therapy include acute and chronic pain reduction, reduction of inflammation, enhanced tissue healing, and cell regeneration. The combination of Chiropractic care and laser therapy offers our patients the best opportunity to get out of pain and heal their bodies safely and naturally.

The skin absorbs photons from the laser using photochemistry.  Once the photons reach the cells of the body, a cascade of cellular processes is stimulated.  Laser therapy can ignite the production of enzymes, which stimulates the cell’s mitochondria, increasing vasodilation and lymphatic drainage, ATP synthesis, and elevating collagen formation to prevent the formation of scar tissues.  These processes reduce long term chronic myofascial pain syndromes.  Laser therapy also has a positive influence on the immune system by increasing the number of macrophages.  In summary, patients treated with laser therapy get out of pain faster and are able to heal more effectively.